Marking your digital territory

The Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting 2018, or METM18 for short, took place in early October. The conference theme was “Giving credit where credit’s due: recognition for authors, translators and editors”. 

 I was invited to speak on the topic of  “When your name’s on it: gaining public acknowledgement and marking your digital territory in non-academic contexts“, I understand, because every blog post I write carries the © copyright symbol,

MET member Lisa Agostini kindly volunteered to interview several presenters at METM18. Together with her recording artist partner, Julian Mayers, she produced a podcast containing snippets from my presentation and a short interview (11:55). MET members can sign into The Hive on the MET website to listen to the other podcast interviews.

If you’re not yet a MET member, you might want to consider becoming one, if only for the wealth of resources made available on The Hive and the MET website itself.

Please click on each of the images below to access the PDF of my presentation and the podcast interview respectively.

Presentation & notes:


About the presenter:
Based in Portugal since 2008, Allison Wright is a German-, French- and Portuguese-to-English translator and English editor with over 30 years’ experience. Although Allison specialises in corporate communications and has an in-depth knowledge of viticulture, her many interests – like her life – defy neat description.
About the interviewer:
Lisa Agostini has been a translator and editor for 20 years with previous career stints at MTV, BBC and in academic publishing. She works from French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian into English in the medical, pharmaceutical and humanities fields, and is the Coordinator of the ITI Spanish Network.
Podcast recorded by Julian Mayers of Yada Yada.
Podcast by kind permission of  ©2018 Mediterranean Editors and Translators

As always, I am interested in your thoughts and comments.

©2018 Allison Wright



The domain is now hosted by WordPress.  WordPress made the whole process a pleasure, and I am pleased to say that I did not require any support, other than the very clear explanations contained in the WordPress Help files. I would recommend others doing the same for this reason alone.

The content of my website remains largely unchanged. I hope the simplistic collocating of the Portuguese and English copy is straightforward enough to navigate.

My own reason for doing so was that I found blogging at my former domain host an unwieldy process, so I seldom blogged there. I intend to repost some of the blog content from the former site here in due course, but for the time being, I look forward to having a dedicated space to express my thoughts on translation matters on this blogging platform that I so enjoy.

old town loulé
Ruins in the Loulé old town.

With a conference to attend in the next few days, and all the GDPR documents to finalise, I imagine that a few updates will appear here quite soon.

©2018 Allison Wright


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